Mobile Business Card

Mobile Business Card makes every person and businesses “stand out from the crowd” and get instant “Wow! factor” from everyone who sees them. Mobile Business Cards are a beautiful yet professional and easy way to introduce yourself and your business to people…. it is the ‘virtual’ introduction to them that creates a sense of connection between the audience and you or your business, unlike the traditional way of introduction using physical name cards.

With Mobile Business Cards, you will never stuck when someone asks you for a card, and you’ve left them at home or in the office at work and the worst reason of all, you ran out of stock for name card.

Click HERE  to see how cool can a mobile business card do to you and your business.

Benefits of having a Mobile Business Card for yourself, your business and even your sales employees:


Interactive, informative and give out as little or as much information as you’d like to display.


Quickly and easily change your logo, your branding and any details you require from any internet connection in the world – updated on all devices across the World.

Here are some of the attractive features in the mobile business card package

Business description

Tab to Call

Tab to Email

Tab to review your business location



Website barcode

Social media connection